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Saul talks to Alan Kohler about ‘Australia’s New Protectionism’

Australian Society and Politics, News, Recent Media Interview | 23rd June 2021

Saul talks to Eureka Report’s Alan Kohler about how the continued closure of Australia’s borders is hastening the decline in the unemployment rate – and what that might mean for the Reserve Bank’s “commitment” to keep interest rates at current record lows until “2024 at the earliest” Join Saul Eslake for a discussion about how […]

Australia’s race against the virus

Australian Society and Politics, News, Recent Media Interview | 18th June 2021

Australia’s race against the virus: ‘dilatory’ vaccine roll-out likely to bring Australia’s economic recovery ‘back to the pack’ Excerpt from interview with Melbourne radio 3AW’s Tom Elliott on 17th June

Victorians have become poorer than residents all other states and territories except one

Economic Policies, News, The Australian Economy | 2nd June 2021

Saul talks to Melbourne radion 3AW‘s Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft about how Victoria has gone from being one of Australia’s richest states to one of its poorest, by some measures, over the past 20 years.

Will the property market stay this ‘hot’?

Economic Policies, News, The Australian Economy | 2nd June 2021

Saul talks to Domain’s Alice Stolz about the outlook for property prices, and housing policies

Victoria’s economic performance over the past decade

Economic Policies, News, Publications, The Australian Economy | 31st May 2021

The Australian Financial Review’s newly-appointed Economics Editor John Kehoe had a front-page piece about the performance of Victoria’s economy, based in part on interviews with me, on 31st May 2021. Here is a set of charts illustrating the points I was making.    

Australia’s border closure is ‘increasingly looking like a form of protectionism’

Economic Policies, News | 21st May 2021

Saul talks to Sky News’ Laura Jayes about the increases in payroll tax on large businesses contained in this week’s Victorian Budget, and about the economic effect of prolonged border closures.

Don’t believe what lightweights tell you about Josh Frydenberg’s spending spree

Economic Policies, News, Publications | 19th May 2021

Sydney Morning Herald Economics Editor Ross Gittins’ write-up of my analysis of the 2021-22 Budget

Victoria doing ‘a lot of damage to its image’ of being desirable place to live

Economic Policies, News, Taxation | 18th May 2021

Saul talks to Sky News Australia‘s Laura Jayes about Victorian Government property tax proposals


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“You are the best economic thinker in the country hands down”

Sheryle Bagwell, recently retired Senior Business Correspondent (and sometime Executive Producer),
ABC Radio National Breakfast

“Just want to congratulate you Saul on the unbelievably good set of slides you just presented, possibly the best I have ever seen. You have set the bar very high.”

Dr Joe Flood, Adjunct Fellow, RMIT University, Pandemicia

“Thank you very much for your excellent presentation for the Economic Society today. It is always a great pleasure to hear your eloquent, up-to-date and comprehensive talks.”

Andrew Trembath, economist, Victorian and Australian Government agencies

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Charles Goode, Chairman, ANZ Bank, July 2009

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