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Australia hasn’t had a recession – in the widely used sense of two or more consecutive quarters of negative real GDP growth – since 1991. Since then, Australia’s ranking among nations in terms of per capita GDP has risen from 22nd to, in the last four years, either 12th or 13th, behind only the United States, Norway, Switzerland and a number of other smaller states which are predominantly either oil producers or financial centres. Australia’s economic performance reflects a combination of luck and management – the relative importance and quality of which have varied significantly from time to time. Monitoring the performance of and analysing the prospects for the Australian economy has been the major part of my ‘day job’ since I completed my university degree in 1979.

Victoria’s economic performance over the past decade

Economic Policies, News, Publications, The Australian Economy | 31st May 2021

The Australian Financial Review’s newly-appointed Economics Editor John Kehoe had a front-page piece about the performance of Victoria’s economy, based in part on interviews with me, on 31st May 2021. Here is a set of charts illustrating the points I was making.    

Protracted border closures are a new form of ‘protectionism’

Economic Policies, Publications, The Australian Economy | 30th May 2021

Op-ed article published in The Australian Financial Review of 31st May (and available online online here) making the case that although the continued closure of Australia’s international borders is providing unheralded benefits to Australia’s economy (boosting spending and accelerating the decline in unemployment), much like the old forms of ‘protectionism’ in which we indulged for […]

The Future of Work – Sydney

Labour Market, The Australian Economy | 25th May 2021

Talk to a conference on “The Future of Work” hosted by ISPT (an industry superannuation funds property trust) in Sydney on 26th May 2021, which looks at the prospects for, and implications of, an increase in the proportion of employees “working from home” in the aftermath of Covid-19

Alan Kohler refers to Saul’s assessment of 2021-2022 Australian Federal Budget

Economic Policies, News, The Australian Economy | 17th May 2021

ABC The Kohler Report‘s Alan Kohler refers to my assessment of 2021-2022 Australian Federal Budget

Budget shock: Morrison government hit over the head by a paradigm

Economic Policies, News, The Australian Economy, Topics | 16th May 2021

Sydney Morning Herald‘s Economic Editor Ross Gittins refers to my assessment of 2021-2022 Australian Federal Budget

‘No principle’ of public finance says ‘optimal level’ of government debt is zero

Australian Society and Politics, Economic Policies, News, The Australian Economy | 13th May 2021

Saul talks to Sky News‘ Ashleigh Gillon about Australian Federal Budget 2021-2022

Eureka Report: Australian Federal Budget 2021-2022

Australian Society and Politics, Economic Policies, News, The Australian Economy | 13th May 2021

Saul talks to Eureka Report‘s Alan Kohler about Australian Federal Budget 2021-2022

Video & Presentation Slides: Saul’s Assessment of 2021 – 2022 Australian Federal Budget

Australian Federal Budget, Australian Society and Politics, Economic Policies, The Australian Economy | 12th May 2021

Last year’s budget encapsulated a massive turnaround in the Morrison Government’s fiscal strategy, from one focussed on achieving and then maintaining budget surpluses and paying down with a view eventually to eliminating government net debt, to one focussed on supporting economic activity and employment in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, even though that meant […]


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Saul Eslake online presentation

“You are the best economic thinker in the country hands down”

Sheryle Bagwell, recently retired Senior Business Correspondent (and sometime Executive Producer),
ABC Radio National Breakfast

“Just want to congratulate you Saul on the unbelievably good set of slides you just presented, possibly the best I have ever seen. You have set the bar very high.”

Dr Joe Flood, Adjunct Fellow, RMIT University, Pandemicia

“Thank you very much for your excellent presentation for the Economic Society today. It is always a great pleasure to hear your eloquent, up-to-date and comprehensive talks.”

Andrew Trembath, economist, Victorian and Australian Government agencies

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“You are one of the best at what you do in the world”
Gail Fosler, Chief Economist, The Conference Board, New York, December 2002

“I have never known an economist to have such a knowledge of world economic facts and to be able to bring to bear so much information in answering a question without notice”
Charles Goode, Chairman, ANZ Bank, July 2009

“Saul Eslake is … a highly regarded independent economist with the highest degree of integrity"
John Durie, Columnist, The Australian, July 2009

“… one of the few people in this world who can have so many oranges up in the air at the same time but still manage to catch them"
Andrew Clark, journalist, Australian Financial Review, November 2008

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